Call for Papers


1st Workshop on Bitcoin Research

In Assocation with Financial Crypto 14
March 7, 2014
Accra Beach Hotel & Spa

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The recent success of Bitcoin, a decentralized cryptographic currency, has raised new research questions on the opportunities and risks of virtual currencies. A handful of research papers have appeared in multiple disciplines, spanning a range of outlets, including top security conferences, legal journals, and reports of international financial organizations. This workshop aims to bring together interested scholars who study virtual currencies, Bitcoin in particular, and their supporting ecosystems from a technical or socio-economic perspective.

Suggested topics include (but are not limited to) empirical and theoretical studies of:

Bitcoin protocol and extensions (cryptography, scripting language, formalization etc.)
Adoption and transition dynamics
Threat models and attacks
Anonymity and privacy
Metrics and measurements
Proof-of-work, -stake, -burn, and alternative defenses against Sybil attacks
Mining hardware and models of pooled mining
Bitcoin peer-to-peer network
Transaction graph analysis
User studies
Economic and monetary aspects
Business models for Bitcoin services and intermediaries
Relation to other payment systems
Financial markets
Fraud detection and financial crime prevention
Regulation and law enforcement
Forensics and monitoring
Legal, ethical and societal aspects of (decentralized) virtual currencies
Case studies (e.g., of adoption, tools, attacks, forks, scams, ...)
Novel applications


The workshop solicits submissions of manuscripts that represent significant and novel research contributions. Submissions must not substantially overlap with works that have been published or that are simultaneously submitted to a journal or a conference with proceedings. In-scope papers submitted to but not selected for the main FC14 conference will automatically be considered for inclusion in the workshop. All submissions should follow the Lecture Notes in Computer Science format and should be no more than 15 pages including references and well-marked appendices. Peer reviewers are not required to read the appendices, so the full papers should be intelligible without them. Paper submissions must be anonymous, with no author names, affiliations, or obvious references. Accepted papers will appear in the proceedings published by Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Authors who seek to submit their works to journals may opt-out by publishing an extended abstract only.

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Important Dates

Paper SubmissionNovember 24, 2013 19:59 EST (16:59 PST, 00:59 UTC November 25, 2013)
Paper NotificationDecember 22, 2013
Final PapersJanuary 31, 2014
WorkshopMarch 7, 2014

Student Stipends

Note that the International Financial Cryptography Association offers travel stipends in particular for students who will be presenting at the conference or associated workshops, including the workshop on Bitcoin research. See the main conference page for details.


Program Chairs Rainer Böhme, University of Münster, Germany
Tyler Moore, Southern Methodist University, USA

Technical Program Committee

Elli Androulaki, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Rainer Böhme, Univ. of Münster, Germany (co-chair)
Dominic Breuker, University of Münster, Germany
Srdjan Capkun, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
David Chen, Lightspeed Venture Partners, USA
Nicolas Christin, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Jeremy Clark, Concordia University, Canada
Benjamin Edelman, Harvard Business School, USA
Matthew Green, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Ghassan Karame, NEC Labs, Heidelberg, Germany
Stefan Katzenbeisser, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Joshua Kroll, Princeton University, USA
Kirill Levchenko, UC San Diego, USA
Ian Miers, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Andrew Miller, University of Maryland, College Park, USA
Tyler Moore, SMU Dallas, USA (co-chair)
Fergal Reid, University College Dublin, Ireland
Meni Rosenfeld, Bitcoil, Israel




This workshop is organized by the International Financial Cryptography Association.